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Tailored Solutions in Carbon Management

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Tailored Solutions in Carbon Management

Since 2009, Eco Profit has been committed to equipping committed organisations with the necessary carbon management tools, guidance, and expertise to achieve their net zero and carbon-positive goals.

Our services apply to the three principle Net Zero stages including:


Market Analysis

Carbon inventory preparation

  • Scope 1 emissions calculation

  • Scope 2 emissions calculation

  • Scope 3 emissions estimation/calculation

  • Identification of relevant scope 3 emissions

  • Carbon inventory template development

  • Alignment of carbon accounting system with the financial accounting system

  • Educational courses and services to train staff on the correct carbon inventory preparation


Carbon reduction

  • Energy audits

  • Supply chain review and engagement processes

  • Identification of carbon reduction opportunities

  • Development of business case for each opportunity

  • Awareness of possible government or grant incentives

  • Carbon reduction policy development

  • Carbon & energy management system development

  • Setting carbon reduction targets

  • Climate risk identification & assessment

  • Educational courses and services to train staff on carbon reduction methods


Carbon offset acquisition

Planting Trees
  • Developing a carbon offset acquisition strategy

  • Acquisition of carbon offsets

  • Understanding carbon offset quality

  • Developing your own carbon offset projects

  • Ensuring your organisation is registered with appropriate standards or platforms

  • Understanding REC or carbon allowance markets (where applicable)

  • Educational courses and services to train staff in carbon offsets and associated markets.

Ecoprofit is focussed on providing a high quality service using its self-designed carbon tools to ensure your organisation reaches Net Zero whilst:

  • Complying with international carbon accounting rules

  • Identifying carbon reduction opportunities amongst scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions

  • Reducing costs via business case development of carbon reduction measures

  • Developing high quality carbon offset program strategies

  • Addressing financial disclosure requirements of sustainability and climate-related risk

  • Meeting Climate Active certification requirements

Our processes have a global application and can be applied as appropriate to the stage at which your organisation has reached on its journey to Net Zero



Carbon education and net zero strategy development that applies to your situation.

Agriculture Drone

Drone Piloting

Supporting carbon project implementation.

Stand-up Meeting

Consulting Services

Personalised guidance or project management tailored to your organisation's requirements on your net zero journey.

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 Net zero status Climate Active or Ecoprofit certification.


Carbon Offsetting

Developing a carbon offset strategy, acquiring carbon offsets or creating your own.

Ecoprofit have been in the carbon business for 15 years. Most importantly, whilst using up-to-date data, tools and mechanisms, we offer a personalized service.

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