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EV News: Australia’s first electric ute confirmed.

From Driven:

Tradies and all of those people just wanting to “ruin their weekend,” rejoice – an all-electric ute is finally being made available to Australian drivers.

In what is being labelled a “fundamental step-change” in its strategy, SAIC-owned LDV has confirmed it will introduce the eT60 all-electric ute to the Australian market.

But it is not stopping there. In one fell swoop, LDV is launching not one but three electric vehicles. The eT60 will be joined by the eDeliver 9, an electrified version of the carmaker’s segment-leading large van. It will also be joined by the Mifa 9, a luxury electric people mover.

“Every major OEM is committed to developing electric vehicles, but what is less spoken about is the growing influence of China’s EV market on the rest of the world – and we in Australia are now benefiting from that influence with the arrival of eT60, eDeliver 9 and Mifa 9.

“The global auto market is undergoing its most significant revolution in decades,” said Dinesh Chinnappa, GM for LDV in Australia.

Chinnappa notes the monumental change already underway in China. And with the Labor government releasing yesterday a consultation paper for an actual Electric Vehicle Strategy, the introduction of the LDV EV trio is not a moment too soon.

“In the first half of 2022, 2.4 million EVs were delivered to customers in China, more than double the total annual new car market in Australia,” Chinnappa said.

“EVs now account for 26% of all car sales in China, and 57% of global EV sales. China is moving ahead in electrifying its transport industry and it’s bringing the rest of the world – including Australia – with it.”


All-electric LDV eT60 due in November

At the top of the LDV electric range is of course the eT60 ute. A long-forsaken gap in the local electric car market, its presence also underscores the ineptitude of Coalition MPs such as Sussan Ley who recently claimed there are no electric utes.

Now, LDV says that it will go on sale in Australia in November.

It is already on sale in New Zealand (billed as the “EV for the Kiwi” on LDV’s NZ website) for $NZ79,990. Although LDV Australia today has not announced local pricing, a quick conversion suggests pricing may fall around the $A70,000 mark.

That’s about the same as the latest Ford Ranger Wildtrak V6, or Toyota Hilux Rogue.

Initially offered in a 4×2 dual cab format, the LDV eT60has a 3,155mm wheelbase. It’s full 5,365mm length holds a 1,485mm long rear tray that is 1,510mm wide and 530mm deep, and it has a GTW of 4.05 tonnes (750kg payload). Front axle load is 1.2 tonnes while the rear axle load is 2.1 tonnes. In New Zealand it is rated to tow 1.5 tonnes, and LDV NZ notes that towing reduces range by up to 50%.

Powering the eT60 is a 88.5kWh battery and rear-axle 130kW motor that delivers 310Nm max torque. It offers 330km WLTP driving range and can be charged from 20-80% in 45 minutes on a DC fast charger, or from 5-100% on an 11kW AC charger in around 9 hours.

LDV Australia is already taking registrations of interest.

All-electric LDV eT60 specifications


Electric version of Deliver 9 large van

LDV has already had huge success with its Deliver 9 van, carving out 12.2% market share. It is now looking to duplicate that with an all-electric version of the large van.

The eDeliver will be available in both mid- and high-roof variants on a long wheelbase. Under the floor is the same 88.5kWh battery as the eT60. In its mid-roof configuration, it can do 280km WLTP range and is pitched at the last-mile delivery sector.

This differs from LDV’s eDeliver offering in New Zealeand, where two battery options (51.5kWh and 72kWh) are on the table in a shorter 3,366mm wheelbase, and these two options are also available for the longer 3,760mm wheelbase. A fourth 65kWh option is available for a cab/chassis only option.

The eDelivery van gets the same charging options as the eT60, taking 45 minutes to top up from 20-80% on a DC charger, and the same 9 hours on an 11kW AC charger.

In New Zealand, the long wheelbase eDeliver is priced from a little less than $NZ70,000 (about $61,500 converted.)


All-electric seven-seater Mifa 9 people mover

The Mifa 9 electric people mover will become one of the only seven-seater electric options on the market. It is not available in New Zealand, but is available in the UK under the Maxus badge. Apparently, Mifa stands for maximum, intelligent, friendly and artistic.

It will be available in three variants, although LDV said little in regards to what the variants will entail. What it has said is that it will be powered by a 90kWh battery, with a range of up to 440km (WLTP), and the ability to top up from 20-80% in around 36 minutes. On an AC charger, it will charge in 8.5 hours.

The Mifa 9 already has a five-star safety badge in Europe, and a suite of safety features including autonomous emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, rear collision warning system, lane departure warning, lane change assist, emergency lane keep assist, electronic stability control and fatigue reminder.

Full details and specifications of all three models will be released closer to launch in November.

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