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Infinite Blue Energy is Getting Closer to Its IPO

Towards the end of last year, Infinite Blue Energy successfully completed its pre-IPO prior to its planned float for a $25 million initial public offering ahead of an ASX listing. The IPO of its plans to become the first commercial-scale producer of green hydrogen in Australia is now planned for April/May.

IBE plans to use water and alkaline electrolysers in a process powered by wind and solar energy to produce a zero-emissions green hydrogen. Green hydrogen is distinct from grey hydrogen (which uses CO2-emitting coal), or blue hydrogen which uses natural gas but with accompanying carbon sequestration.

Last year, Petrofac’s Engineering and Production Services (EPS) was awarded its first ever green hydrogen Front End Engineering Design (FEED) contract for IBE’s landmark Arrowsmith Hydrogen Project, which will become Australia’s largest commercial-scale green hydrogen complex. The FEED Engineering Design was completed three weeks ago and IBE is currently finalising the detailed design for the plant.

In the meantime, IBE have completed the installation of a Fulcrum3D SODAR (Sonic Detection and Ranging) weather monitoring system at Arrowsmith (see lead photo). The data collected from the SODAR will support the Final Investment Decision (FID) and allow fine tuning of the final design of power infrastructure.

The SODAR system analyses local winds and sunlight, enabling the final design of wind turbines and solar panels to be optimised for the planned production rate of 25 tonnes per day of zero carbon green hydrogen. Initial data Indicates that the Arrowsmith site (just South of Dongara) is exceptionally high in solar and wind resources, paving the way for the production of green hydrogen with zero carbon debt.

Fulcrum3D’s flagship Sodar wind monitoring system is one of only five remote sensing instruments globally considered to provide bankable wind data by leading independent consultants such as DNV-GL. Fulcrum3D regularly works with lenders, engineers and developers in the wind and solar sectors to generate bankable analysis.

On another subject, the WA and federal government have been pushing renewable hydrogen as a future clean energy source to replace traditional fossil fuels. Various incentives have been set up by the WA and federal government in an effort to position Australia as a world leader in hydrogen production, with the latest being a $22 million funding boost for WAs renewable hydrogen industry.

Everlution Newsletter awaits any news from IBE on possible government grant funds becoming available to further their project.

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