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Our Latest Sunshine Project Nears Completion

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For Tuesday 22 September 2020 provided by (#letsfindsolutions)

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Our Latest Sunshine Project Nears Completion

Ecoprofit?s not-for-profit arm, Sunshine Project for Community Inc is closer to finalising its latest project to raise funds to acquire and to manage the installation of a 7.9kW solar system and Tesla Powerwall 2 battery at Gateway Family Services, Blaxland. The solar is now installed (thank you to Jim from Nepean Solar for doing that for us).

Gateway is a not-for-profit charity devoted to providing invaluable services for families-in-need in the Blue Mountains and Penrith areas.

A special thanks goes to Trish Doyle MP and Susan Templeman MP. Trish is the local State Government member for the Blue Mountains. Susan is the local member for the Federal Government. Both women facilitated community grants through their offices, vital for the funding of the solar system and battery for Gateway.

Critically, funds were also raised for the project by people and businesses going carbon neutral. For every carbon offset acquired, $1 was contributed to the project. Our bottle recycling donors also helped get the project across the line.

Trish Doyle said: ?This project is a great example of how collaboration between solar and the community sectors can produce both environmental and economic benefits. I am thrilled to have been able to access Community Building Partnership grant funding to ensure its success. I congratulate Winton Evers and the Sunshine Project and Gateway?.

Susan Templeman said: ?I want to congratulate Winton and the team he has put together, for their collaborative thinking to build community resilience. It is a model project for other community organisations, and I am pleased to see that it involves multiple tiers of funding, which is the only way to pull projects like this together at the moment. The Federal Energy Efficient Communities Program is a welcome way to help businesses and community organisations save energy and lower their bills, however it was only available to two projects in the electorate on a first-come, first-served basis.?

The battery add-on will mean Gateway becomes a nanogrid i.e. it will have power even when the grid is down. It is part of a longer-term plan of Gateway as a safer neighbourhood place in emergencies.

Ms Templeman continued: ?There are multiple projects around energy efficiency and renewables that community groups are keen to rollout, and what the Gateway project shows is that you can get local businesses to drive innovation with collaboration, you bring about energy savings and increase reliability, and you lower the ongoing overheads for community organisations who are trying to do more with less.?

For more info on going carbon neutral, go to:

Grants/Subsidies/Funding ? Energy Efficient Communities Program (EEC) ? High Energy Using Business Grants

This grant closes tomorrow at 5pm. Grant values are from?$10,000?to?$25,000 and are for entities with a net energy consumption of 0.5PJ per annum (that?s 500,00,000 megajoules or 140,000 MWH).

The objective of this grant opportunity is to support high energy using businesses to save energy through:

  1. replacing existing equipment with higher efficiency equipment

  2. installing or replacing a component/s to help an existing system run more efficiently

  3. carrying out energy audits

  4. carrying out monitoring of energy usage and emissions

There is an estimated $14.8 million available for this grant opportunity. Funding will be distributed between states and territories with the percentage breakdown based on the distribution of high energy using businesses nationally.

  1. The maximum grant amount is $25,000.

  2. The maximum project period is 18 months.

  3. The grant percentage is 50%, you?re responsible for the remaining project expenditure.

You can use your grant for one or more of the following:

  1. replacing existing equipment with higher efficiency equipment

  2. installing or replacing a component to help an existing system run more efficiently

  3. energy audits

  4. investment feasibility studies for energy efficiency upgrades

  5. monitoring of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions

?For more information go to:


Eco-tip for the day ? Reduce your business lighting usage

Lighting is also a big contributor to business energy bills so try to keep them turned off when rooms aren?t in use. You can also benefit from:

  1. Installing energy-efficient LEDs, which use less energy than halogen bulbs or CFLs.

  2. Using a lighting sensor or timer so lights are automatically switched off when areas aren?t being used.

  3. Installing dimmer switches so you can adjust the brightness, and thus the energy consumption, of your lighting.


Share watch ? First Graphene Limited (ASX: FGR)

First Graphene is pleased to provide an update on the incorporation of PureGRAPH? into rubber compounds for applications in the mining sector. As reported in March this year, FGR commenced work on the manufacturing of PureGRAPH? powders into long-chain rubber polymers.

To leverage customer interest, FGR concentrated on the compound most commonly used in the mining screen media market, with potential to adapt the findings into other sacrificial wear-liner rubber materials across the industry. The work has been conducted in conjunction with an experienced rubber consultant in Perth and an established rubber processor in Ipoh, Malaysia.

For the commercial scale tests, a control rubber was selected based on industry compounding experience, demonstrating the desired mechanical properties of a typical hard rock screen or wear liner application. A production scale run of this material was then compounded using the Malaysian partner?s commercial production process line, both with and without the addition of PureGRAPH?. The compounded rubber was then moulded into large prototype parts and test sheets for mechanical testing.

The one-year share price history is shown the graph above.

Financial indicators

The VIX fear gauge up by 2.63 points since last Tuesday EST to 28.22. Still reasonably safe.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average down since last Tuesday EST by 747.90 points or 2.67% to 27,147.70, the STOXX 600 12.67 0.11 points or 3.42% to 358.29 and the Shanghai Composite index down 21.35 points or 0.64% to 3,274.30.

Gold on 1,907.10. US 10-year Treasury Bonds on 0.663 and oil on 39.63. Cryptos Bitcoin down 398 points since last Tuesday or 3.67% to 10,463.

ASX 200 down 110.70 points or 1.78% since last Tuesday to 5,784.10. The Aussie dollar on 72.05US cents.

Eco Market Spot Prices

LGC $48.50

STC $38.35

ESC $27.00

VEEC $34.20

ACCU $15.75

Sources:?RenewEconomy, demandmanager,? Reuters, SMH, Market Watch, Forbes

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