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Share Watch – 12 September 2021

Share Watch –  Anson Resources (ASX:ASN)

Anson’s 99.9% purity lithium carbonate — extracted from supersaturated brines at Anson’s ‘Paradox’ project in the US — has performed better than the commercially available stuff in battery test work by Novonix (ASX:NVX).

The test results indicate that Anson’s product has a longer lifespan compared to commercially available battery grade lithium carbonate.

Anson’s lithium hydroxide is demonstrating similar performance to existing commercial products in long-term cycle experiments, which are still ongoing.

“The results from NOVONIX’s test work clearly demonstrates that the lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide produced from the Paradox brines have the necessary specifications that Tier 1 battery makers may require,” Anson CEO Bruce Richardson says.

“The purity of the Anson product provides it with a performance advantage over existing commercial products which is expected to attract lithium-ion producers that are aiming to provide a high-performance product.”

“The results of this test work will be shared with potential offtake partners and potential customers during Anson future marketing campaigns.”

Financial indicators

The VIX fear gauge up by 4.54 points since 5 September to 20.95.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average up 238.63 points or 0.69% since 5 September to 34,607.72, the STOXX 600 down 5.59 points or 1.18% to 466.34 and the Shanghai Composite index up 121.38 points or 3.39% to 3,703.11.

Gold down to 1,788.20. US 10-year Treasury Bonds up to 1.341 and oil up to 69.71. Cryptos Bitcoin down by 6,525 points or 12.65% to 45,075.

ASX 200 down 116.30 points or 1.55% since 5 September to 7,406.60. The Aussie dollar up to 73.53 US cents.

Carbon Market Spot Prices

LGC $35.50                                                                 STC $39.25

ESC $38.75                                                                 VEEC $82.50

ACCU $24.50                                                              EU ETS €62.75 (up €2.46 this week)

NZU $NZ65.00 (up $5.15 this week)                            UK ETS GBP54.05 (up 3.16 this week)

Sources: RenewEconomy, demandmanager,  Reuters, SMH, Market Watch, Ieta, Stockhead

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