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The Australian Hemp Masonry Company

For Friday 22 May 2020 provided by (#letsfindsolutions)

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The Australian Hemp Masonry Company

At Everlution Newsletter we are keen to promote companies that are doing positive things to alleviate the stress humans are imposing on the environment. An Aussie company doing great things is The Australian Hemp Masonry Company (

From the company?s website:

?The Australian Hemp Masonry Company have been?leaders?in the Australian?hemp construction industry since 1999.?Our?building materials are certified?BCA compliant Green Building Products?and?we?supply Training for Builders and Designers as well as?Project?Consultancy Services.

AHMC works closely with regional farmers and processors in NSW and in other states to support the strengthening Australian hemp industry.?We believe it is?critical to support the Australian farming sector including small to medium scale farmers to enable a smooth transition from a fossil fuel to a carbon-based economy.?

The company is committed to:

  1. Working effectively with the broader community including global transition groups and Indigenous communities who are looking for sustainable housing solutions.

  2. Contributing to the diversity and climate resilience of the Australian farming and construction industries.

  3. Supporting carbon abatement through regional farming and processing of high biomass fibre crops.

The company?s products include: Our Lime Binder, Hemp-lime Render and Insulation products, all manufactured in Sydney, Australia. The products were developed and tested over a six-year period at the Australian Centre for Construction Innovation at the University?of NSW and then for a further six years in the field. There? Hemp homes are now right across Australia in varied and extreme climates.

Everlution notes the company?s proactivity in promoting regional hemp industry for farmers and assisting in building production levels. Everlution will keep you posted on Hemp Masonry?s progress in this area.

Infinite Blue Energy (IBE)

Yesterday, we published the media release on Infinite Blue Energy?s initiative for New South Wales to host Australia?s first solar, wind and hydrogen ?baseload? power plants project.

The $3.5 billion dollar proposal called ?Project NEO? would see up to 1000MW of combined wind, solar and hydrogen fuel cell generation capacity deployed in New South Wales, delivering continuous zero emissions ?baseload? power to the New South Wales grid with an aim to transition a range of energy intensive industries to running on 100 per cent renewables by 2027.

IBE estimates that the project would require around 235 wind turbines and 1,250 hectares of land for solar generation, but IBE said that it would look to use high-value sites for solar and wind production, in combination with a ?distributed generation model? to diversify the project?s supplies of renewable power. The idea is to blend generation sites with existing land users and minimise impact. The potential also exists for mine voids to be used to minimise visual impact on adjacent landowners. Overall, the proposed project could meet the equivalent energy needs of around 2 million New South Wales homes.

IBE anticipates that a significant proportion of the workforce required for Project NEO will be drawn from the existing coal fired power stations in NSW, since many of the skills are similar. ?Project NEO will produce local and indirect employment, allow existing industries to de-carbonise, and facilitate the establishment of new industries,? CEO of Infinite Blue Energy Stephen Gauld said.

Grants/Subsidies/Funding ? NSW small business COVID-19 support grant

A very easy and speedy way to help businesses that are struggling because of the close-down is to apply, if eligible for the NSW small business COVID-19 support grant. Go to:

?I have just been involved in an application and it only took a couple of days for the client to receive the $10,000.

?To be eligible for this grant, you must:

  1. Be based in NSW

  2. Be a small business (go to website for more details)

  3. Be registered with an ABN as at 1 March 2020

  4. Have an annual turnover of more than $75,000 (a Business Activity Statement must be provided as evidence)

  5. Where a small business does not submit a BAS to the Australian Tax Office,?and meets all other criteria,?the small business should contact Service NSW to discuss further.?In these cases, an income tax declaration may be accepted as evidence of an annual turnover of $75,000.

  6. Employ 1-19?full-time?workers?as?at?1 March 2020

  7. Be able to report?a payroll below the NSW?2019-2020?payroll tax threshold of $900,000

  8. Have been highly impacted by?Public?Health (COVID-19 Restrictions on Gathering and Movement) Order 2020?effective?on 31?March 2020

  9. Have experienced?at least?75% decline in?turnover?compared?to the same?two-week?period?in 2019, as a result of COVID-19?(for businesses that have been in operation for less than 12 months, go to website)

  10. Have unavoidable business costs not otherwise the subject of other NSW and Commonwealth Government financial assistance measures.

Businesses not in?the highly impacted industries

If your business is not in one of the highly impacted industries, but you can demonstrate?a significant disruption to your business resulting in a 75% reduction in turnover?as a result of the Public Health Order 2020, you may be eligible for this grant.?You will require a?letter from your accountant?confirming you meet a number of criteria.

Eco-tip for the day ? Embedded emissions in food (Part 2)

Below is a graph highlighting the embedded emissions in different types of food. Meat is the stand-out. However, in future issues we will explore the opportunities to apply regenerative agriculture practices to herd management to reduce its significant carbon footprint.

Share watch ? Alkane Resources Ltd (ALK:ASX & OTCQX-US)

As earlier mentioned, Rare Earth Elements (REEs) can be regarded as the “vitamins” required for the shift from a carbon-based economy to the new 21st century electron economy.

Another Australian company joining the REE ranks is gold producer Alkane Resources, a listed multi-commodity mining and exploration company, with projects and operations located in the Central West of New South Wales, eastern Australia. The most significant of their projects is the Dubbo Project, owned by Alkane subsidiary, Australian Strategic Materials (ASM), which stands to become a strategic and significant world producer of zirconium, certain rare earths, hafnium and niobium. Alkane?s gold production is operated through its wholly owned subsidiary, Tomingley Gold Operations (TGO).

Alkane?s 10-year share price graph is shown below.

Share watch update

In our 1 May newsletter we profiled Australian company, Wide Open Agriculture (WOA:ASX). Since then the company?s shares have doubled in value to $0.27 after it signed an option to an exclusive global licence to create a novel plant-based protein (derived from lupin) for human consumption. The licence has been signed with Curtin University which has proven experience in legume innovation and commercialisation. Lupin is a super high protein, regenerative legume. 60% of global production occurs in Western Australia.

The plant-based protein market is growing at 14% p.a. and forecast to reach USD$40.6 billion by 2025. Plant-based proteins are the key ingredient of Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods and other plant-based alternative meat, dairy and egg products. The licence provides WOA with first mover advantage to launch a lupin-based protein for human consumption into a high growth sector. This completes WOA?s trilogy of regenerative products including livestock, oats and lupins.

?Financial indicators

The VIX fear gauge up slightly by 0.23 of a point since Tuesday EST to 29.53.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average down since last Tuesday EST by 123.25 points or 0.50% to 24,474.12, the STOXX 600 up 13.55 points or 4.15% to 340.26 and the Shanghai Composite index down 7.50 points or 0.26% to 2,867.92.

Gold down slightly to 1,726.70. US 10-year Treasury Bonds down to 0.673 and oil up to 33.91. Cryptos Bitcoin down 601.38 points since Tuesday or 6.19% to 9,106.47.

ASX 200 up 89.90 points or 1.65% since Tuesday to 5,550.40. The Aussie dollar up slightly to 65.62 US cents.

?Eco Market Spot Prices

LGC $32.75

STC $39.20

ESC $26.65

VEEC $33.85

Sources:?RenewEconomy, demandmanager,? Reuters, SMH, Market Watch, greenglobaltravel

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