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Sustainable Energy
Winton Evers


Winton Evers
Eco Profit Founder & Director

Winton and his team have been involved in carbon and energy management for 16 years. Winton has a Master of Science in Climate Change & Sustainable Resource Management and holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting, Finance & Systems. He also has qualifications in Carbon Management and Training & Assessment. 

Winton started his professional life as a Chartered Accountant, with a focus on assisting clients to improve their business operational efficiency and profitability. Later, he operated a successful demolition and recycling business with a perfect safety record. So what has this to do with anything?

Winton utilises his knowledge, technical skills, experience and carbon expertise in financial accounting and risk management in the application of carbon accounting in clients’ businesses, aligning, where possible, carbon accounting processes with financial accounting & ESG management processes and developing climate and sustainability-related risk management systems to meet financial disclosure and customer expectations. 


The Eco Profit team are diligent in staying up-to-date with the ever-evolving carbon business and strive to be innovators, in particular with the tools Director, Winton Evers, has developed to assist clients to understand their Scope 1 & 2 emission hotspots, develop the business case for renewables and energy upgrades, calculate their Scope 3 emissions and successfully engage with suppliers to lower their emissions.

The Eco Profit team realise that collaboration is vital in an industry where so many different disciplines are needed to successfully complete projects. In this regard, the team have an extensive list of experienced associates that can be called on to ensure the best outcome for clients.

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