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Sustainable Energy

In 2009 the business of Eco Profit was founded on the proposition that climate change would have ever-worsening impacts on the biosphere because of the actions of the human species. Realising that the commercial sector is a major source of human-induced greenhouse gas emissions, our approach from the start has been to work with organisations to assist them to reduce their emissions whilst increasing their financial profitability in the process. Hence the name Eco Profit refers to a philosophy of business operation that avoids damage to the ecology (and even profits it) whilst reinforcing the economic sustainability of industry. At Eco Profit, we believe that when the ecology thrives, so does the bottom line.

Eco Profit is a consultancy whose team is made up of a network of specialists in carbon, ESG and supply chain management. We have taken this approach as we realise that collaboration is vital in an industry where so many different disciplines are needed to successfully complete projects and ensure the best outcome for clients.

Over the last decade and a half, we have witnessed the carbon management industry evolve significantly, driven by rising global temperatures and the associated natural disasters. Over that time interest in carbon management has risen in step with climate change impacts, with the new climate-related financial disclosure rules accelerating the process.

Our interactions with clients have provided us with a unique experience in dealing with the challenges for organisations operating in a carbon and resource constrained world. These challenges are identified on our 'what we do' page but suffice to say that at Eco Profit we believe that it is critical to strive to be innovators in the ever-evolving carbon/sustainability industry.

In this regard, we particularly focus on the development of tools to optimise outcomes with clients such as identifying their Scope 1 & 2 emission hotspots, developing the business cases for renewables and energy upgrades, calculating Scope 3 emissions and successfully engaging with suppliers to lower their emissions.

We understand that the climate-related issues for each client are unique, and we tailor our processes to suit and to help our clients to embed their own independent climate-related data systems.


Eco Profit is a registered entity with major carbon offset standards and registries worldwide, including registered Climate Active consultant, VERRA, Carbon Trade Exchange, S&P Global Market Index, CBL Trading Platform, EMA, and the Australian Emissions Reduction Fund. This accreditation empowers us to purchase and retire offsets on behalf of our clients so that they can feel assured of being accountable for their unavoidable carbon emissions.

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