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Eco Profit provides the following services with high level advice, guidance and education through the delivery of courses or in-house staff training. Our services fall within a three key stage process:

Carbon & GHG calculation

Our Carbon Inventory Services:

  • Calculate Scope 1 emissions ​

  • Calculate Scope 2 emissions 

  • Estimate/Calculate Scope 3 emissions

  • Identify relevant Scope 3 emissions

  • Develop a carbon inventory template

  • Align carbon accounting with financial accounting 

  • Ensure compliance with international carbon accounting standards

  • Address financial disclosure requirements

  • Provide educational courses to train staff in carbon inventory preparation

Strategic roadmap to net zero and beyond to carbon positive

Our Carbon Reduction Roadmap:

  • Conduct energy audits

  • Review and engage with the supply chain

  • Identify carbon reduction opportunities across scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions

  • Develop business cases for each opportunity

  • Drive cost reduction through carbon reduction initiatives

  • Provide awareness of possible government or grant incentives

  • Create carbon reduction policies

  • Develop carbon & energy management systems

  • Set carbon reduction targets

  • Identify & assess climate risks

  • Offer educational courses and services to train staff on carbon reduction methods

Carbon Offsetting plans

Our Carbon Offsetting Solutions:

  • Develop a carbon offset acquisition strategy

  • Acquire carbon offsets

  • Ensure understanding of carbon offset quality

  • Develop your own carbon offset projects

  • Ensure organisation is registered with appropriate standards or platforms

  • Understand REC or carbon allowance markets (where applicable)

  • Offer educational courses and services to train staff in carbon offsets and associated markets

Our services can be broadly categorised as:


Conducting energy audits, scope 1, 2 and 3 analysis & calculation, and carbon inventory preparation


Identifying carbon reduction opportunities and developing the business case for scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon reduction measures


Project management of energy efficiency and renewables upgrades, as well as implementation of carbon and ESG management systems

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