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Carbon offset acquisition advice and investment options


As part of your net zero/carbon positive strategy, Eco Profit advise how to best invest in projects to offset your residual emissions. We develop carbon offset portfolios for clients that align with their operational activities. We acquire carbon offsets through a number of recognised global carbon offset programs, seeking the best available prices. Eco Profit also assist with the acquisition of ACCUs under the Emissions Reduction Fund.

Reputable carbon offset development.

Our carbon offset acquisition criteria

At Eco Profit, we have a very clear criteria for investing in projects to offset residual carbon emissions. To buy quality carbon offsets, essential criteria includes: 

  • The people or groups running the carbon offset program are honest and reputable.

  • The offset program fits with your organisation’s operational profile.

  • Additionality is a key component of the offset program i.e. it is not just a good business deal.

  • Permanence is a key component of the offset program e.g. if the project involves growing trees, how do I know those trees will have a long and happy life?


We guide our customers through the whole process of purchasing carbon offsets with an emphasis on instilling a sound understanding of how the process is going to help the environment and our customers’ business operations. 


Eco Profit diligently ensures that all of the above factors exist for any carbon offsets we sell directly. We also acquire offsets on behalf of clients to meet their Climate Active requirements. 

Eco Profit selected carbon offset projects are also unique in that $1 from every offset sold is donated to our not-for-profit organisation, The Sunshine Project for Community Inc. The Sunshine Project funds local community-led projects which help the ecology and build community resilience. 

Eco Profit's Registrations

Eco Profit is registered with major carbon offset standards and registries around the world to buy and retire offsets on behalf of clients, including VERRA, Plan Vivo, Carbon Trade Exchange, S&P’s IHS Markit Environmental Registry and CBL. EcoProfit is also registered with the Australian Emissions Reduction Fund. 

In the case of VERRA, Eco Profit is registered as a General Account Holder and is therefore eligible to also develop carbon offset projects under that standard.

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