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Ecoprofit facilitates Carbon Training International courses including carbon accounting. This course will help you develop the technical knowledge and business skills critical for the effective implementation of carbon accounting within your organisation.


Time & Location

This course will be scheduled on request.

Online or In-Person

Course Details

This course helps students to develop the technical knowledge and business skills critical for the effective implementation of carbon accounting within an organisation.

Students learn how to:

- Measure, monitor, and report organisational greenhouse gas (carbon) emissions.

- Build the business case for renewables and energy efficiency upgrades.

- Reduce greenhouse gas (carbon) emissions for corporate social responsibility objectives or compliance purposes.

- Understand climate-risk reporting requirements.

- Use or evaluate carbon accounting software and apply it as a business intelligence tool.

Students are taken through:

- The technical aspects of carbon footprinting.

- Global warming potential and emissions scopes.

- Carbon accounting standards and guidelines.

- Practical implementation of carbon accounting systems.

- Carbon reduction measures and processes.

- Unique capital upgrade business case development tools.

- Overcoming data collection pitfalls.

- Reporting; voluntary & compliance.

- Capturing business benefits from intelligence tools.

The course program includes:

- Ecological footprint vs carbon footprint.

- Why footprint? How did we get here?

- Carbon accounting rules and standards.

- Emissions factors in detail.

- GHG scopes.

- Organisational and operational boundaries.

- Base year and base year recalculation.

- Emissions legislation and regulations.

- NGERs & global clean energy legislation.

- National Accounts Factors 2023.

- Measurement, data management, and reporting tools.

- Energy audits.

- Carbon reduction measures including equipment upgrades and passive cooling and heating.

- Business case development for carbon reduction measures.

- Capturing and managing data in the workplace.

- Monitoring.

- Uncertainty and confidence Intervals.

- Climate Active operation.

Students undertaking the course receive:

- A structured program of delivery that meets workforce training standards.

- A learner guide with course materials case studies, toolkits, and assessment.

- All of the class slides and recordings of classes.

- Free access to a commercial-grade carbon accounting tool.

Course Format Online: 

5 modules x 1.5 hours per session.

Course Format In-Person: 

2 days that can be scheduled to suit the organisation.

Course Prerequisites: 


Course Costs: 

$1045 incl GST per person (negotiable depending on the number of participants).

Completion of course

Participants wishing to gain a Statement of Attainment for this course will need to complete a series of workbooks and undertake a formal assessment.

If you would like to enquire about scheduling this course online or in-person at your workplace or another venue convenient for you, please let us know via the 'ENQUIRE NOW' button here or contact us via email or phone +61 (0) 400 232 200.

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