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Ecoprofit facilitates Carbon Training International courses including carbon offsetting. Learn the what, why and how of carbon offsets as part of a net zero strategy. Learn how to source, evaluate and purchase carbon offsets.


Time & Location

This course will be scheduled on request.

Online or In-Person

Course Details

This carbon offsets course is designed for organisations interested in exploring the purchase of carbon offsets to reduce their emissions and/or reach net zero. By the end of this course, you will have a well-developed understanding of carbon offsetting that will allow you to make sound decisions to achieve your objectives.

Your carbon offset purchasing strategy should be fully considered, assessed and linked to a range of strategic drivers and targeted organisational objectives. The consequences of a carbon offsets purchase can have ramifications for the entire business so a fully informed process for managing risks and aligning outcomes is needed.

Why enrol in this course?

- Understanding carbon offsets can be complicated and time-consuming. There are also risks you need to be aware of around misinformation and untrustworthy suppliers.

- Purchasing carbon offsets can also be linked to strategic consequences that require careful consideration. Beyond financial risks, purchasing the wrong offsets could have adverse implications on your brand and reputation.

- As carbon management develops there are new rules, guidelines and compliance obligations that must be supported and addressed, much of which is still being defined by regulators so current knowledge is critical.

Course program part 1: Market-based responses to climate change

- Climate science and the carbon cycle

- Carbon offsets, concepts, history of offsets and the markets

- The Clean Development Mechanism

- Carbon market players

- Carbon credit in compliance markets

- Carbon standards in a voluntary market

- Types of carbon offsets and carbon permits

- Carbon offset project development cycle

- Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs), methodologies and issues

- Renewable Energy Certificates (RET) and GreenPower

Course program part 2: A market focus

- Trading in carbon offsets, pricing, selection and sourcing

- Regulatory frameworks & Carbon Pricing Mechanisms (Emissions Trading Scheme or Tax)

- Emissions trading schemes, function and impact on liquidity and dynamics

- Voluntary carbon market application

- OTC and exchange traded markets for carbon offsets

- The role of registries

- Offsets to fit your organisational goals, price, location, type, methodology, carbon standard

- Source compliance and voluntary offsets

- Retiring carbon offsets

Course Participants will receive:

- A structured program of delivery that meets workforce training standards

- Learner guide with course materials case studies, toolkits and assessment tasks

- Classroom facilitation from industry-experienced instructors

Course Format Online: 4 modules or 3 modules if the carbon accounting course has been completed x 1.5 hours per session

Course Format In-Person: 1.5 days scheduled to suit you

Course Prerequisites: Helpful to have completed the carbon accounting course but not necessary.

Course Cost: $1045 incl GST per person (negotiable depending on the number of participants)

Completion: To receive a Statement of Attainment, a series of workbooks and a formal assessment will need to be completed.

If you would like to enquire about scheduling this course online or in-person at your workplace or another venue convenient for you, please lets us know via the 'ENQUIRE NOW' button here or contact us via email or phone +61 (0) 400 232 200.

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